Monday, June 3, 2013

The Birthday Gift

Today is Mike's birthday.

Little J gave him a gift in the manner of little girls and of her own toys.

She wrapped her only (and very loved) doll in a blanket she has just received and laid it on our bed.

She says it's a gift for Daddy and Mommy together. Her baby. Her treasured possession.

The gift of her baby, though impermanent in nature, spoke volumes to my heart from Little J's heart.

She must know how much we miss our little girl...and, in her way, is trying to give her to us.

I may be reading more into it than there really is, but that's okay.

Cause it's only the love that matters.


  1. Little J sounds like a precious soul, which the Lord has gifted to you...never a replacement for your Eva, but someone to add joy to the days and be her own little special blessing. What a beautiful gift she gave from her heart.

    Happy Birthday Mike :)

  2. Oh. I'd have cried.

  3. What an adorable girl, she must feel totally lived by you both