Sunday, June 23, 2013

Let's talk about death challenge: Day 23

Photo: Is there anything you would like to ask G-d or Mother Nature or the Universe besides, for most, the obvious: Why (me/us)? Is there a question to which you wish you had an answer? (so often, these are the unanswerables)...

My question/s would be this: What is beyond this material world and (if there is something) what is the nature of that beyond?

I have many many more questions actually too ;) - a long list!  (I did not spell out G-d because some followers from religious traditions have asked me not to do so out of respect. They believe that spelling out G-d is disrespectful  because of it sacredness. Agree or disagree, this is my way of respecting more than a few who have asked).
I have already asked Jesus and he has answered...

But, lingering always is, why?

And, I know I'll never know this side of heaven why. I know that this side of heaven is full of pain but I anticipate the day of holding my precious girl again. When?

My one, unanswerable heart's cry remains.' Give her back, please, oh please just give her back'

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  1. Why? When? & please give him back...yes, everyday yes.