Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Let's talk about death challenge: Day 19

Photo: Grief rituals can be very important to the bereaved. In a recently published study, a colleague and I found that rituals help maintain bonds between the living and the dead, offer a sense of control for the mourner, and facilitate posttraumatic growth (Study abstract here ) - Rituals can be "big" or "small", extemporaneous or well-plannned. Something as simple as the Kindness Project (tm) from the MISS Foundation or a toy drive or lighting a candle. Interestingly also, rituals tend to start out more public and then become increasingly more private as time passes after the death.

Day 19, year 2, as we continue our conversation about death: Tell us about your rituals?

Big and public: Eva's Ride

Small and private: Eva's trees and Eva's Garden.

And sometimes, especially in winter, we have her candle glowing on the table. I blow it out and say good night.

Also, I am learning to knit.

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