Saturday, June 22, 2013

Let's talk about death challenge: Day 22

Do you dream? Are they different? What are your dreams like since? 

Let's talk about death, day 22, year 2. Thanks for joining us here --
Once I woke up sobbing in the night. It was powerful.

Otherwise, my dreams have remained, generally, disappointingly similar to the dreams from before her death.

The main thing that has changed is what I wish I could dream about. I prayed nightly for the first year for Eva to come to me in my dreams. It never happened. I still wish it periodically. To hold her, even just in my dreams...


  1. It happened to me once - Maxie came to me in a dream - very vividly. We hugged and I kissed him many times. It was the most real dream I could ever imagine. I am praying for it to happen again. I believe it will happen for you too. I'm sorry it hasn't happened yet...

  2. I hope she does come to you in a dream.