Monday, July 29, 2013

Sunnybrae 2013.

We just spent a week at Sunnybrae Bible Camp. It was a fantastic week. The kids ran around free and had so much fun. We relaxed with no cooking or cleaning for a week. I did one load of laundry all week (and didn't even fold it:). 

Sunnybrae is a place devoid of memories of Eva. 2012 was our first year there. I wish she could have been there once...

Here are some pics of our week. I wish I could have a photo of our missing girl too. But the hole in my heart cannot be photographed.

Little J and Theodore waiting for their turn for a pony ride.

Theodore, me, and Little J enjoying cotton candy on carnival day.

Samuel and Vincent enjoying the water.

Nathan and his elephant ears.

Me and Nathan dipping our toes in the water.

Vincent, Theodore, Samuel and a friend pedal boating.

Ring pops at the beach. These kind of blue lips are ok.
Our family on earth. That space between Samuel holding Nathan and I is the closest we have to a photo of where she should be.
Missing you always Eva darling. Even when we are smiling and laughing.


  1. Such beautiful photos! I love the one of Nathan in his stroller. Glad you had a good and relaxing time. Also glad you're home, I missed you.

  2. Such a beautiful family! I can see Eva with you and smiling. I see Grace so often in nature and feel closer to her when I am in a more natural setting.

    1. Yes there is something about nature that brings them closer. I get this.

  3. Your family is beautiful. ALL of your family.

  4. Such beautiful babies! I find it heartbreaking, too, that we will never get a family photo of all of us... Or that I will have just one picture of all my babies together.

    Eva is such a beautiful name. I'm so sorry your precious beauty isn't here... In your arms... Going to camp with you.

    1. Thank you Molly. I wish both our girls were here. Going to our arms. Mostly in our arms. I don't care about camp as much as I care about having her in my arms. And I care much less now about having pics of all my kids together or family pics...because I will never have a pic of all my kids or my whole family ever again.

  5. Beautiful pictures-- thank you for sharing your heart (the joys and sorrows) on this blog! Longing for that day when we will be reunited with our little ones.