Thursday, July 4, 2013

Getting Ready...

Starting to get ready for Eva's (2nd annual) Ride Bike Parade here in our town. Last year it was so hard but so good. This year I'm excited to do it. It's going to be great.

I'm excited because whenever we drive by the old train station my boys say "that's where we had Eva's parade". I'm excited because I talked to some folks from RMH and they're coming up to be a part of it. One of the women is a photographer who took some really great shots of Eva at the House. Shots that would be just about the last ones we have of her. God I miss that sweet little face. I'm excited because it's a connection to RMH that we get to maintain. Our bright spot during Eva's sickness. I'm excited because more people will see Eva's beautiful face on our banner (thank you Sunburst Graphics). I'm excited because we're getting pink t-shirts made this year too (thank you Sportswear Plus) with a photo of Eva on it. I'm excited because doing this ride keeps Eva's memory alive for our remaining children. I'm excited to do something that I think Eva would have loved to do too...

It's kind of pathetic actually. I'm excited to do a bike ride but my daughter is dead. What a f*cking conundrum. I'd rather have a birthday party for her, in October. A really, stupidly, expensive one!

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  1. I hope Eva's ride is fabulous. I wish it were here birthday party instead.