Friday, March 7, 2014

Writing the ache away.

I think I try to write the ache away.

Thinking that maybe the more I write it the less sad I will be.

Hoping that choosing joy will actually result in true joy and not just choosing to enjoy the moment.

But at the end of the day.

No matter how much I write my sorrow away.

No matter how much I choose to enjoy the time I have here.

She is still missing.

And there is just no way to fix that.

At the end of the day (good, bad, or in between) I sit down for a moment alone and I am just so sad.

There are no words to describe the missing of her, although C.S Lewis penned it well when he wrote...her absence is like the sky, spread over everything.

Missing you so much my baby girl, who would no longer be a baby.

Missing you so much my precious child.

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