Sunday, March 2, 2014

Wombat walkabout.

On Friday night our church hosted a chili and pie night/ talent show. I baked this fantastic trim and healthy chocolate cheesecake 'pie' but didn't win any prizes. Boohoo for me!

I also read 'Wombat Walkabout' aloud and my children acted it out. It was a lot of fun and many people came up to us afterwards and told us how much they enjoyed our little show. I love, love, love having a big family and being able to do stuff like this with our family.

The book is set in Australia and is about six little wombats going walkabout and their adventures. The thing is I only had five little wombats to go walkabout but we used a doll to represent our sixth little wombat. We used Theodore's Baby Eva doll. It was ok (ish). I guess I just wish that one, just one, person came up to me afterwards and said that they thought about and realized our sixth little wombat was missing.

It's the small things that get me. I still enjoyed the other shows and the chili and the pie and the visiting with people but she's just always missing and it would be so nice if someone else missed her presence too. 

I'm trying to not have expectations but it's hard. The things we hope for. Like people remembering our children.


  1. Nice cake!! Would love the recipe for that one...Yes, that others would remember our children also. It's so hard to move someplace new and people have no idea. They think we spaced our children out nicely. Two boys two girls-how perfect. Then we tell them. And then they forget. You'll be proud of me Em. We have a new prayer card- and at the bottom where all our names are: Emily is right there in the midst of our other kids' names. It felt so good to do that. And we used a picture that was taken last summer (it's on our blog off to the right) where there's a space in front of Joel. That's where Emily would have stood. I'll have to mail you a copy of our new prayer card.

    There is one woman here where we now call home: She never forgets Emily. She calls me a mother of "five" and was so blessed to see Emily's picture when she came over to visit. I have been so blessed by her.

    Miss you Em. ~Renee

    1. It's really good to hear from you Renee. I can't wait to get your new prayer card in the mail with all your kids' names on it. That little pic you sent of Emily got lost for a little while and then I found it on Eva's shelf. One of the kids had moved her there. Oh, and you know how our kids always say Eva for photos...well, Samuel makes sure we also say Emily too, many times. I can imagine it's hard at a new place. Sometimes I wonder though if it might be easier because I might have lower expectations of people who never knew Eva. People who didn't know me in the blackest night. Don't know. Miss you too. Truly.

    2. One more thing Renee, I'm so glad there is at least one person who connects with you about Emily. Sometimes, just having that one person can make all the difference in the world.