Saturday, December 7, 2013

Some bad poetry for you tonight.

Two years on
And I should be movin' on
Rainbow baby on my hip.
No more tears, or so they say.
But grief lasts longer than sympathy.
And I've reached the limit...
Where my grief has lasted longer
Longer than other people wished
But how can I forget
That smile, those lips
One cheeky tooth just poking through
And I make people twisty
With my truth.
Cause my grief has lasted longer
Longer than the sympathy others can muster
And it`s not going to end soon
And you`ll see me around
And you`ll wish you didn`t know me
So you wouldn`t have to say you`re sorry
So it`s okay if you don`t care anymore
Cause I do. I always will.
And, no matter what, she`s always my little girl.


  1. That she is. Always.

  2. I don't wish I didn't know you. Not at all, Em. I wish I could know you better, and could be better help. Tears and prayers continue.

  3. Grief certainly does last longer than sympathy. I've wondered, all day, how many people remember that Joseph was born on the 16th December. Is his 3rd birthday as present in their minds and it is in mine?
    My *empathy* will last as long as your grief. As long as you love her. As long as it takes. x