Thursday, January 2, 2014

Our miracle?

I follow a few heart kids and some have died and some have gotten a miracle. I tear up for both. The unbelievable pain of losing your child and the heartache when I see those other kids doing so well. Why didn't we get a miracle? 

Then I look at my little Nathan and know for certain that we did get a miracle. 

I was going to post this on Facebook but have been starting to keep Facebook lighter and airier for the masses rather than true with its ugliness and it's beauty. There was too much ugly and too much beauty in this to let it go to Facebook. 


  1. You got a different miracle. So hard that you didn't get the miracle of Eva recovering, yet wonderful, beautiful, that you have the miracle that is Nathan.

    Was it perhaps a miracle to have Eva for those 10 months?

    I find these questions so difficult, confusing, and heartwrenching, and I wish you could've had it ALL.

  2. I also try to keep things light and airy for Facebook. Thing is- I'm not really light and airy anymore. Nathan is out if control CUTE!!!! Xoxo