Monday, January 6, 2014

On holiday

We're on holiday. Sunny Mexico. Mike booked us a great deal on New Year's Eve and we surprised the kids with it on New Year's Day, packed and left two days later. 

Beach, sun,'s great! The temperature difference between here and home is fifty degrees! Yes fifty degrees....only one thing could make this holiday better...

Here is Nathan sleeping with dad at the airport en route... I love this cause daddy has Eva's ride shirt on and both his youngest daughter and youngest son are close to his heart in this photo!

We've been on holiday before with the kids and every time it feels like we're leaving our Eva more and more behind. This time, at the last minute I slipped a photo of Eva into my bag the last minute and when we got here I stuck it in the mirror. That made me feel so much better...she's with us, kinda. 

For lack of a beach photo here's a shot of the lobby in which I'm writing this post...

And here's me just now, still enjoying the heat, long after the sun has set...


  1. Wow! Good for you to be able to go on vacation. Enjoy these moments in time.

  2. Glad you got away... I think the problem with going away is your'e running round the house, making sure you've got the paracetomal and your flip flops and all that jazz, and then it hits you - you're missing a WHOLE PERSON. Worse, more than at other times, when families are distributed across home and work and school, it feels like everyone else has a complete family... almost someone missing... but I think as time as gone on - it's her absence that fills her space in the family - I mean it's not empty - there is the missing and the memories and how we have become bereaved parents... so really you don't leave them any more behind when we're away - because they are inside us. Xx