Thursday, August 7, 2014

The lunch bag.

This week I have been buying some back to school lunch bags and backpacks as we have decided to send three of our kids to school this September, for various reasons. 

I bought three lunch bags for the three school attenders and one backpack for the homeschooler. I really, really wanted to buy something for Eva too. Just because she's dead doesn't mean my mamas heart doesn't long to give her good gifts. It's one of the hardest things. Not getting her gifts at Christmas or her birthday or for some other special occasion. I miss being her mama. I miss seeing delight on her face. 

Today I just couldn't resist and I bought her a hello kitty lunch bag. I'm not a huge hello kitty fan but the combination of pink and kitty I couldn't resist today. And that bag just about jumped off the shelf at me.  So I bought it. 

Eva's ride is on Saturday, in two days. The hello kitty lunch bag will join a myriad of other prizes on the table and it won't stand out but it will be the one I have my eye on. The one I wish could have gone to the little girl I love more than life itself but I hope some other little girl's eyes sparkle when she receives it. 

Mostly, I hope some little girl is really happy to have it and not whiny about getting that bag over something else...


  1. It's a very nice Hello Kitty lunch bag. I'm sure Eva would approve and somebody is going to love it.

  2. It is adorable and I am sure some little girl will be over the moon at having Hello Kitty bag to take to school.

  3. I saw a picture of the little girl that won it...pretty sure her eyes were sparkling and very very excited:)
    Very special idea:)
    Sorry to have missed Eva's ride and the girls were all thinking about it while it was going on.