Wednesday, April 10, 2013


I'm tired now but know there are people checking this blog for here it is.

The external cephalic version (ecv) was pretty painful but, ultimately, a success.

There was no c-section but also no induction. I am absolutely fine with that. I feel that with pressure from the head on my cervix now that I have a better chance of spontaneous labour and delivery.

The only doctor in our small city to be willing to try an ecv did it successfully today. He is also one of only two doctors willing to do a trial of labour of a breech baby. He is not on call Thursday or Friday but he is willing to come in to do another ecv or assist my regular doctor in a breech birth if the baby flips again. I'm grateful. The pressure to have this baby today (Wednesday) or wait till Saturday (as if I could if s/he decided it was time) is off.

I have peace with the choices we've made and was so grateful to be able to go to prayer meeting tonight. What a gift.

I'm hoping for spontaneous labour to begin in the next couple of days.  I'm thankful for how well today went in hospital. I'm excited to meet our little baby and hear newborn cries. I'm remembering the big sister s/he will never get to hug on this earth and hoping she is smiling down on us.

What a big glowing smile she had.


  1. Please to hear that it was successful :)

  2. So glad to hear it worked. Checking on you and thinking of you daily.

  3. SOoooooooooooooo happy for you! I can almost see you smiling in your post. How wonderful!


  4. Great news! Ewan was almost 2 weeks late & like you I chose to wait. He came when he was ready & like him, yours will too. Eva will be smiling her beautiful smile & standing next to you as your rainbow enters the world. Enjoy these last few days & know we are hoping & praying for a safe, healthy & live birth. xo

  5. Yea! That's great! Please keep us posted as much as possible.

  6. That's so great. I'm relieved for you.

  7. Oh Em! As if this whole subsequent pregnancy wasn't harrowing enough! I am so relieved that your wee one was amenable to the version. I hear they are very painful for the momma. So many freaking challenges.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. I will be keeping my eye on yours to hear about your rainbow's birth, however s/he gets here. Sending you love, courage and endurance.

  8. Wonderful news! Continuing to hold you in prayer as the day draws nearer for you to meet this new little one. xx