Monday, October 15, 2012

Eva's second birthday.

Today we celebrated your birthday here on earth little princess.

The day wasn't so bad. We even had joy today. We ate angel food cake. The kids opened presents and we had a couple of visitors. The worst part of today is exactly that it wasn't so bad. I just wish it was full of JOY only.

The oblivious joy at you turning two years old.

How was your party in Heaven my dear?  What is the cake like there?  Or is the celebration bigger on your heaven day?

We put a pinwheel by your trees this morning. We sang you happy birthday. We ate cake. We opened presents. We had balloons. The only thing missing was you my sweetheart.

...and for those who were wondering. The newborn/birthday gift for Eva and I is a small white and pink newborn bracelet.

I put it on the mould we have of your hand. It fits perfctly and is gorgeous. I wish I had put it on your living wrist.

Fewer tears this year than last year when I couldn't even stop crying as the boys sang you happy birthday. But I didn't make your cake again. I can't make angel food cake and, besides, it would have been too salty anyway, from me tears.

I miss you always my darling girl.


  1. Thinking about you and Eva today.

  2. I was thinking the little surprise was a bracelet!
    sounds like you celebrated perfectly! Glad it wasn't so bad...I prayed all day off and on for you!

  3. A little bracelet for Eva - that's lovely.

    We are totally mad of course, buying our dead kids stuff xx

    Happy Birthday Eva xx

  4. Salty Angel Food Cake, awwww. I love you