Sunday, June 3, 2012

I know God is faithful.

I feel forgotten but I know He remembers.

I feel forsaken but I know He carries me.

I feel broken but I know He is the Healer.

I feel alone but I know He is with me.

I feel bereft but I know He is faithful.

I feel angry but I know He is the comforter.

I feel hatred but I know He loves me.

I feel hurt but I know He is the salve that heals all wounds.

I know God is faithful. I know God is faithful. I know God is faithful. I know He is, even in the broken times. Even in the pain. Even in the darkness. Even in the anger and the grief. I know God is faithful. Sometimes I feel like He is not there but I know that even now, even now He is holding my hand and carrying me over the rocks and through the waves of pain that would dash me to pieces on the shore. I know He is faithful and there will be joy and hope again one day. I know there will be Hope one day.  I know God is faithful and that my heart is in His hands. I know God is faithful.

If you think this sounds like I'm trying to convince myself then you may be a little bit right. And yet, behind it all, in my heart of hearts, I really do know that God is faithful. One day all will be made clear and that day may only be in Heaven or maybe I'll get a taste of it sometime in this lifetime but one day, one sweet day, all will be clear. And I'll know, without the shadow of a doubt, that God is faithful.

It's so easy to say that God is faithful when I'm walking in the light but I need to remember to cling, in the darkness, to what I know is true in the light. And I know that God is faithful.

He is faithful in the darkness and in the light.

He is faithful in sorrow and in joy.

He is faithful in hopelessness and in hope.

He is faithful in tears and in laughter.

He is faithful in mourning and in dancing.

He is faithful always. Always, He is faithful.

Lest I forget, He is faithful in pain, and in healing too.


  1. So true. He is faithful. It is hard. It is painful. But He is faithful. You won't be dashed upon the rocks friend. ~Renee

  2. Amen. Another word for convincing ourselves of what is true is faith - Joel

  3. Your words are so encouraging-- exactly how I am feeling. Sometimes I feel bad that I feel a bit weak of faith. It's good to know others struggle too.