Monday, October 7, 2013

Walk to Remember 2013

On Sunday we went to the first Walk to Remember in our city. It sucked. It was nice. But it sucked. I hated having a reason to be there. But it was nice. Many people there that I knew, unfortunately.

My grief counsellor was there and gave a short little speech. It was weird you know. He probably knew piles of people there.

A long, sad, honouring walk to remember...

Our family with my friend, D and her daughter K. K was really Eva's only friend and it meant a lot to me that she came out with her mom.

And when we let the balloons go it felt a little like letting Eva go again. It always feels that way when we let balloons go. And, as I watch the balloons float away, the distance from me to her feels so vast. Heaven feels so, so, so far away.

And yet, when my time comes I will be there in an instant.


  1. I understand what you mean about letting the balloons go. I have that feeling with blowing out candles too.