Sunday, August 4, 2013

Eva's Ride in SIX days!

This Saturday coming up is Eva's Ride. You can view pictures here of last year's Ride.

If you are interested in pledging our children as they ride to remember Eva you can click here.

Life is interesting, crappy, horrible and good in August this year. Organizing Eva's Ride is a huge plus for me as it gives me a chance to say her name and have her life acknowledged.

I wish so much she had had the chance to grow up and be a young girl, teen, mother (but maybe not teen mother:), grandmother...all those things that are shaping my life. I wonder who she would have married...and who he will marry instead, if anyone? How many lives have been touched by hers, but how many haven't?

It's so complex it makes my head hurt on top of my aching heart.

And, bubbling just beneath it all is impotent rage in August. Impotent rage that can do nothing but gnash it's teeth and sob for all that was and is and could have been.


  1. Much love to you. There's just so much in your final sentence.

    1. Thank you for commenting so often A3B. I appreciate it.

    2. Difficult days ahead again (or always) for you...glad you have someone itty bitty to snuggle through it this year.
      Eva's ride was a really fun way to remember her last year. I remember spending a lot of time with my girls decorating their bikes and talking about sweet Eva and her family. Hailey (who was 9 at the time) came up with the idea to put a big letter E in princessy writing on her little sisters bike along with a small picture of Eva. Great way to remember Eva:)

    3. He's not so itty bitty anymore Heidi. He weighs more than Eva ever did...but I know what you mean, and you're right. I remember the E and the bike. I have a really nice photo of it. Hope you'll be able to make it again this year.