Saturday, August 11, 2012

Eva's Ride

Today was a sweet day, well, bittersweet anyway.

When Eva was hospitalized she had to stay 5 hours away from home. Ronald McDonald House was there for us with a home away from home.

For the past few weeks we have been organizing a bike parade, to raise money for Ronald McDonald House, in Eva's honour.

Today was the day!

So many people came out with their decorated bikes and their smiles and support. It was so amazing to see.

A couple of bikes stood out in particular, for me. One ridden by our pastor and one ridden by a friend's little girl. Abigail's bike had a picture of Eva on the front to decorate her bike. The only time this morning where tears came to my eyes was when I saw that little picture. I wish so much my own little girl could have been riding today too.

Pastor Brian`s bike was a hit with all the kids (and grown ups).

Abigail and her bike.

Mike`s dad spent alot of time with the grandkids while we were getting ready!

Oma helped out too, and enjoyed some coffee, thanks to Dale`s thoughtfulness.

Water was donated by Co-op Marketplace.

Diamond Willow Restaurant donated 300 hot dogs and buns, and a chef to cook them up!

 Here`s the chef just waiting for the crowds...

Butterfly, the therapeutic clown from our local hospital came out with her cotton candy machine! So there was plenty of food, water and cotton candy for everyone! Yum!


Friends Katelyn and Owen getting ready for the big ride!

Sunflowers for our little sunflower!

...and they`re off!

Theodore on his motorcycle

Vincent pedalling hard with his training wheels

...and our biggest boy, Samuel, racing the loop as many times as he could!

Two friends, Meranda and Alana, organized a sidewalk chalk drawing area for tired riders! So fun!

My favourite girl`s name in this photo.

The star of the show, we miss you so much sweetie.

We raised over $4000 for Ronald McDonald House Northern Alberta!


  1. Oh, wow. What a great tribute to Eva. I'm so impressed, and seeing your pictures and reading about how a rider had a picture of Eva with her is really heartwarming.

    Lovely. What a special way to honor Eva. xo

    1. I posted a better pic of Abigail here now. If we had voted on 'best bike' I would have been biased towards hers. It was special. I don't usually post pictures but this event could not be described any other way.

  2. Oh my, this is just amazing. Four thousand dollars is fantastic!! Congratulations on a beautiful and highly successful fundraiser!

    1. Thanks Jenn, We were blown away with raising $4000! We're thankful to everyone who came out and who supported us in other ways too.

  3. Wonderful, Em. And, like you say, so very bittersweet.

    1. Thanks MIFD,
      It was more sweet than bitter...but there is always a tinge of bitter `what might have been...

  4. That's wonderful!
    If we were still living in the area we'd have been there for sure. Sorry we missed it!

    1. `We would have loved if you could have been there with A. Will be thinking of you as her surgery comes up soon.

  5. Replies
    1. I had alot of behind the scenes help. ALOT of help. Even from our town!

  6. Hey Em,

    I just want you to know that you did an amazing job on Eva's bike ride. Everything looks amazing. Also I sent you a message on the " one and all thread on glow".