Tuesday, July 17, 2012


Vincent cried out tonight. He does this multiple times a night. I was annoyed. He asked me to snuggle with him. I didn't really want to. I wanted to read and do some other stuff. I looked at his sweet little mischievous face and I thought how if Eva were to appear and ask me to snuggle with her I would drop everything and run to scoop her up. I would snuggle her as long as God let me. So I lay down with Vincent and snuggled him, cause you never know what tomorrow will bring...or if this is your last snuggle. I never want to regret not snuggling.

If you are lucky enough to have living children, give them a little extra snuggle tonight.

If you only have children in Heaven, I pray for dream snuggles for you.


  1. Oh Em...I do this too. Sometimes my patience is shot...and than I think, No I must, what if....

    I actually feel so much calmer about participating in ______(fill in the blank) when I realize just how precious our time is. I think that this is a gift to us from our daughters.