Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The 15th again.

As another 15th ebbs to a close and another month without you goes by I miss the naughty little girl you might have been. The sweet little girl you surely would have been and the cute little girl I know you would have been.

I don't miss the potty training but would have loved to been given the gift of doing that with you too.

I indulged my thoughts today with you. I had a nap and thought of you. I taught the kids french and you were by my side. We had an extra muffin at breakfast and Vincent insisted on putting out your pink plate with the muffin on it for you. A matching cup was filled with water and you even got a bowl for the fruit salad you will never eat. I don't prompt him to do these sweet things but it warms my heart when he does, of his own accord, remember you. When I mentioned how nice it was he said he 'always' thinks of you.  I was glad for that pink plate on the table and the extra muffin. And for Vincent and his tender heart. And for you too, my daughter always.

Little J wanted help to put her socks on today. Theodore told her that Eva would have to help. She tearfully replied that 'Eva's not down here'. We wish you were so much my dear but you are always with us in our hearts and one day we will really be together in heaven. Just. can't. wait.

Miss you my darling. Always and forever my sweetheart.



  1. Oh, I feel that, too. I just can't wait to be with Nathaniel again. I know he's there, and I sense how close that is sometimes. How fragile the veil between this life and the next. Sending love to you and Eva <3

  2. memories keep on happening and that is beautiful!