Wednesday, December 19, 2012

The Amaryllis. Part II

I just felt it was important to give you an update on our Amaryllis. You might remember my previous post, The Amaryllis.

The sequel is that we planted the bulb anyway, and, at Vincent's insistence we also stuck the broken stem and flower in the pot of soil.
Amazingly, out of the dry and broken bulb a new Amaryllis flower grew. Every day we saw it grow and grow.

To our astonishment, the broken off flower began to blossom as well, yesterday.

The blossom only bloomed for a day, and not fully...and now it's gone.  The new flower is growing strong and hasn't blossomed yet.

I can't help but see the metaphor here. Eva was broken. Eva bloomed but for ever such a short time.

The other flower is growing strong and isn't blooming yet. It is growing out of a dried and broken heart. 

And it is growing still.


  1. How beautiful!! Praise Jesus, what a beautiful picture and comparison to Eva and Baby Hope. :)

  2. Beautiful, Em. Keep growing, little flower. Love to sweet Eva.

  3. I love the comparison. The flower was stunning in it's beauty, like you wanted to hold your breath to enjoy it. I'm sorry it's gone already. Mostly I'm sorry Eva is gone, but you know that. So who does the new flower that is still growing represent? "Hope" or J?

    1. I truly don't know Holly. That's why I didn't say...maybe both somehow. All I know is that there is life in my broken heart.