Wednesday, November 27, 2013


I've asked my kids a few times in the past weeks if they would like to have another baby (fyi: I'm not pregnant, but in the past I've enjoyed hearing my kids talk about possible future siblings). The answer has always been no, no, no. I couldn't figure it out because my kids have always wanted more babies and Samuel, especially, absolutely LOVES babies.

This morning, at breakfast, it came out that the kids thought that in order for us to have another baby, our sweet Nathan would have to die.

Oh, my God, no wonder they don't want another baby.

How could I have been so blind???


  1. Oh my goodness! That must have hurt your heart incredibly, and been such a huge surprise to hear. I'm glad you now know that they had these ideas in their heads so you can talk with them about it.

  2. I think that the way kids process grief and loss is so different from what we as adults experience. So for us to know how they view these issues is impossible.

  3. Who would have ever thought that this is what was going through their little minds? All I could say to myself is "aaaahhhhhh" :( Now you know how to bring them some comfort as they process this area of understanding.

  4. Oh, Em. Oh. This post absolutely broke my heart. Kids process everything so differently, it's hard to sometimes know what's going on in their heads or how they might interpret something we think we've explained well, or assumed they understand.