Tuesday, July 8, 2014


My favourite colour is red. Not bright red, bordering on orange. Deep red. Rich red. Earthy red. It has taken me awhile to fully embrace my love of red. But now that I have, I'm enjoying it. 

With that in mind, it stands to reason that my little girl, a smaller, paler version of myself should be pink. Of course.

At birth I gave all my kids a colour. I don't know why but I did. Samuel is orange. Vincent is green. Theodore is blue. Eva was and is pink. Nathan, however, is rainbow...and Josie, sweet little Josie, I gave her purple when she first arrived but after Eva died I couldn't stand her being very feminine so I changed her to yellow. But she has always loved purple. I have healed over the years and I can put Josie in a dress, even buy one for her. I can embrace (a little bit) her love of all things frilly and girly without stabs of jealousy sparking through my soul. 

With this baby hopefully arriving in September I have decided to embrace Josie and the colour purple by giving this little joyful blessing the colour yellow. Yellow was also my favourite childhood colour and is such a joyful colour that I feel it also suits the name this little guy will hopefully receive, which means joy or joyful. His full name means 'joyful blessing' and I feel like he really will be that to our family and to me. A joyful blessing indeed.

For the record I don't force those colours on my kids I just let it happen and, as it happens, Vincent doesn't much care for green, gravitating to red instead. Samuel has stayed the course with orange (and sometimes red) while Theodore loves all things blue, especially light blue. We have yet to see for Nathan but he has a whole rainbow of colours to choose from. Josie, as you know, loves purple. 


  1. I have just started reading your blog and just have a question: Who is Josie and how does she fit into your family? Just curious and haven't been able to figure that out yet!

    1. If you look on the most popular posts on the right sidebar under the photos there is one post called Little J that I wrote last year that should explain almost everything. Since that post she was adopted on April 30 this year.